You could join your heroes on the pitch!

Simply click the pay to play link, and leave your bid in a comment! This is your chance! Whether your are an Arsenal or Spurs fan, we have 2 places for each set of fans in our lineups! The bids are coming in from both sets of fans... DON'T MISS YOUR CHANCE!!!

Sam Callahan

Supports our cause

Darren Anderton

Supports our cause

Micky Hazard

Supports our cause

Steve Sedgely

Supports our cause

Martin Jordan

Supports our cause



A rivalry like no other, forms a union like no other, all in aid of @staceymAPPEAL

27th July | 2pm KO | Princes Park | Dartford FC

Tickets available from Dartford FC ONLINE From around March 1st 2014

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Without the lovely Tweeps listed below, we wouldn't get anywhere!


Thanks to The BIG Trophy Shop, CLICK HERE, we will be presenting the winning team with the “STACEY MOWLE CHALLENGE CUP” for the first time in 2014. We hope to be able to offer this trophy to many teams in the coming years! Big thanks to Wayne at the BIG Trophy Shop for all his […]

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Yup, that’s right, Steve Sedgely is the latest ex-Spurs player to confirm he’ll be playing in our #NLD Now we just got to work on the rest in this pic…

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We are looking for people to fill our advertising slots in the match day programme and here online, on the front page right here for all to see, and in our Sponsors & Friends page. if you are interested please get in touch through the Contact us link and fill in the form and we'll send you out the info!


The companies and individuals mentioned below have all provided something unique, and very important to our game. We would like to thank them all from the bottom of our hearts.
Stuart, Stacey, & The Mowles